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Bidding for loan

BidLend re-invent p2p lending with blockchain technology wants to create a P2P lending platform that is trustworthy, transparent, and most importantly, fair to both borrowers and lenders. Loans on BidLend will be securitized and partitioned for lender to bid, in order to maximize the benefit to both lenders and borrowers.

blockchain p2p lending

Imagine when Peter wants to borrow 1000USD for 3 months to pay the tuition fee. He will submit a loan request to BidLend.

BidLend will then evaluate the risk level based on Peter's financial situation and credit history, then a Maximum Interest Rate(MIR) will be generated for Peter. This time, the MIR of Peter is 8% which is slightly lower than the rate he can get from the bank. After Peter's confirmation on his MIR. BidLend will breakdown the loan request into ten 100USD Auctionable Small Contract for lenders to bid on.

Lenders on BidLend can offer their desire interest rate on certain loans as long as it is not higher than MIR. Everytime when there is a contract, the offer with the lowest interest rate will get the loan.

Say, Peter received 7 offer with 6% interest rate and 3 offer with 7%. At the end, he received a 1000USD loan with (6%*7+7%*3)/10 = 6.3% of interest rate.

One Belt One Road (OBOR)

The great protential and opportunity

one belt one road

We believe the OBOR framework, that encompassing around 60 countries, including 4.4 billion people with USD$ 21 Trillion of an aggregate in economics, will create a huge demand for consumer lending in those area, especially in the developing countries. And the prematurity of financial institutions in those area will create a great investment opportunity.

To overcome the insufficient financial support, Chinese government initiated the Silk Road Fund and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to facilitate the business financing. And BidLend aim to facilitate the personal financing in those area and offer an investment opportunity to the investors all over the world.

BidLend is the AIIB for everyone!

Why BidLend

It is better for both Lender and Borrower


Flexible Loan

Borrower can specify the payment terms for their loans. Lender can also choose their desire risk level and terms.


Diversified Risk

With the same amount of money, lenders can lend their money to a lot more people than the traditional way.


Invest Globally

Enable loans happen from anywhere to anywhere. Without affecting by exchange rate and interest rate.


Trust Worthly

Credit record of each borrower will be immutable. And loans are all transparent and they are available to public.

What are the differences

It is better because blockchain allow us to do something they cannot


  • Direct P2P
  • Fully Transparent
  • Fully Control of Your Money
  • Interest Rates Are Decided
    By Market

P2P Lending

  • Non-direct of P2P
  • No Transparency
  • No Control of Your Money
  • Interest Rates Are
    Decided By Platforms

Traditional Institution

  • Not P2P
  • No Transparent
  • No Control of Your Money
  • Interest Rates Are
    Decided By Institutions

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